Think again about that underwater reef. The reason why there are so many beautiful fishes there is because each of them are specialists. They’re not trying to steal from each other, they’re not trying to rain on each other’s parade. They’re just doing their thing within their zone. You should do the same damn thing. Seriously. If you want to be successful, you need to march to the tune of your own drummer.

Now, this is going to be scary for most people because, hey, let’s face it, most people are conformists and won’t use . Most people want to be just like everybody else. What drives this need? Again, very simple: fear. We don’t like to stick out. We don’t like to be the odd man out. We don’t like to disturb the scene.

But the problem is, if you don’t do that, you’re not going to stand out. It’s as if the whole scene is camouflaged and everybody’s moving around kind of like a school of fish, and if a shark bites one end of the sardine school, or the other end, it tastes the same. It’s the same fish basically. In other words, you have to stand out, that’s why I would suggest that you start acting more like a clown fish.

A clown fish is very brightly colored, but its key to success is that it hangs out in the anemone patches. Anemones sting you if you get too close. Obviously, clown fishes have lots of predators because they’re so brightly colored. But they hang out in the anemones, and the anemones don’t sting them. It’s a nice little comfy relationship. What do the anemones get out of this? Well the clown fish clean them up. So it’s a win-win situation.

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Just picture yourself looking through a collection of 2,100+ girls, these babes are anything but average and trust me you’ll want to see all of them in the raw. An all access pass gets you 15+ awesome sites and you won’t need to worry about limits as downloads are unlimited as is streaming. I can say from my own personal experience that you’ve got to put yourself out there to get the best action, this is one sure fire way of making sure that it happens!

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My German mate explains that the word Hitzefrei is a term used meaning that the schools are closed because of too hot weather. I thought that to be a rather unique word but how that translates to porn I’m not exactly certain which leads me to believe that there;s perhaps some more subtle nuance or a pun of sorts that we are missing here.

Be that as it may, you can save 56% now with a Hitzefrei discount which is a Euro porn site.

A genre that I have always found fascinating on account of it actually being a stand alone genre and I can not help but wonder on account of what exactly. That they are from Europe?

Be that as it may, the chicks are hot and so are the porn scenes and that is all that matters. Well, the price of a membership as well but we’ve already covered that there are some cool discount opportunities to be had.

Does this chick not have a German look about her anyways? Those jean shorts though, dayhum!

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