Stunning brunette, Darcia Lee, tip toes across a shiny floor in sheer nylon socks. She has an elegant look for this scene, sensually moving around in a black one piece. Seated on a glass table, she beckons her man to join her.

When Toby sees the way that Darcia is behaving, he is eager to give her what she wants. It begins with some foot worship. Removing one sock, he kisses her bare foot and pedicured toes. He places his dick between her arched soles and she helps him stroke.

Leaving only the one sock on, Darcia gets naked and lies back, inviting Toby to taste the sweet nectar of her pussy. Her busty natural breasts jiggle with every movement. Next, Toby puts his dick right into that slippery pussy and pumps ecstatically into her as she moans for it. The couple tries out multiple sexual positions and the camera is perfectly angled to capture the details of them all. For the finish, Toby cums onto Darcia’s pretty naked foot.

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